How to Troubleshoot the HP Printer Won't Print Black Issue

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Do you find that your HP printer won't print black? Check the ink levels. Load white paper into the tray. Touch the button beside the 'Setup' icon. Choose 'Tools.'

Many people use different models of HP printers at their workplace or at home. But when the printer encounters glitches, it can feel difficult to continue using it. A lot of people find that HP printer won't print black even when it has ink. The device may be working, but the output won't show black ink. You can fix this problem in numerous ways. In this article, you'll find the main reasons and fixes that'll make your printer give you high-quality printouts.

Why HP Printer Won't Print Black?

Several factors can make your printer encounter technical problems. Below are some major reasons for HP printer not printing black.

  • A problem with the printhead.
  • Incorrect cartridges
  • Faulty printer drivers 
  • An issue with paper settings
  • Low ink levels

Troubleshooting the HP Printer Won't Print Black Issue

Some tweaks are all that you need to make your printer give you black printouts. Before using these fixes, ensure that you are using genuine HP cartridges. Otherwise, you will face print quality issues.

Check the Ink Levels 

If the print quality is unacceptable, it's best to check estimated ink levels. You can check them through these steps. 

  • Load white paper into the tray. 
  • Touch the button beside the 'Setup' icon.
  • Now, tap the right arrow button to choose 'Tools.'
  • Then, touch 'OK.'
  • Select 'Estimated ink levels' by touching the right arrow button.
  • Then, touch 'OK.'
  • If you don't notice low ink in your cartridges, there's no need to replace them. But if they are low on ink, it's wise to replace them to fix the issue. 

Use HP Print and Scan Doctor 

When you find that your HP printer won't print black, you can employ the HP Print and Scan Doctor utility. To use it, navigate to the official page of HP and tap the link of this tool. You can then download the setup wizard and tap the HPPSdr.exe file for installing it. 

Next, tap 'Start,' followed by 'Next.' Lastly, tap 'Fix printing' to fix the issue. 

Clean the printhead through an automated tool

Printing issues like printer not printing black can be resolved through an automated tool. The tool cleans the printhead.

  • Load plain white paper and touch the paper beside the 'Setup' icon.
  • Now select 'Tools' and touch 'OK.'
  • Choose 'Clean Printhead' followed by 'OK.'
  • Your HP printer will begin the cleaning process, and you may hear mechanical noises. Now assess the print quality on the test page.

Align the Cartridges

Often aligning printer cartridges can resolve this problem. Firstly, check that your printer is turned on and then follow these points.

  • Press the button beside the 'Setup' icon.
  • Next, select 'Tools' and then 'OK.'
  • Choose 'Align Printer.'
  • Afterward, touch 'OK.' Your printer will produce an alignment page.
  • Lift its lid and position the page with its printer side down on the right-front part of the scanning glass.
  • Now close the lid and hit 'OK.'

Final Words

When an HP printer won't print black, it feels like you cannot continue with your work anymore. But these simple measures will help you in troubleshooting this issue. For more assistance, contact expert HP printer support professionals.