What are the advantages of Google Drive to onedrive migration?

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Effortlessly transfer, migrate, backup, sync, or transfer files from one cloud to another and access all your online files on various clouds with a single login.

The benefits of Google Drive to onedrive migration are: 

  • Access files anytime, anywhere 

 One of the benefits of Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive for Business is that it runs in the cloud, so you don't have to log in from a specific workstation or device to access your files. Also, unless your IT department uses this deployment option to specifically configure OneDrive, you don't have to be physically in the office or logged in to your work network. When you're not struggling with inadequate remote access to work, you'll be more productive on commuting days and business trips.


  • User-friendly Interface 

 It also has no complex or cumbersome interface to OneDrive. This is about the same as the personal version of OneDrive, so if you've used this product before, there aren't many learning curves. Otherwise, UI design provides intuitive control for users familiar with Windows File Manager. A list of folders and files makes it easy to browse your documents and shared documents.


  • Document Sharing

 OneDrive's robust document-sharing capabilities offer another important advantage for business collaboration. There are several ways to share files with your organization or external users. Link sharing creates a direct link to a document and gives internal or external users access to the information. 


At the time of migrating files from Google Drive to OneDrive, you can automate many tasks and streamline the process, but there are some important factors to consider when performing these migrations. Apps4Rent experts have made thousands of migrations from GSuite and similar solutions to Office 365 / Microsoft 365.